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Donate To Barefoot College Today


*By adding gift aid we are able to claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter at no extra cost to you!

With our new Monthly Donation option, you can contribute a small amount on a monthly basis (£10, £25, £50 or any amount you wish) to keep our mission running consistently throughout the year, giving more women and girls the opportunity to thrive.


Your one off donation could buy:

£7 – a set of six reusable sanitary pads for a woman in need.

£30 – could educate a child at a night school for a year.

£200 – could electrify an entire home with clean, solar electricity.


OR make a monthly donation:

£15 – could buy three solar lanterns to bring light to a home or school.

£50 – could electrify three homes with clean solar electricity

£200 – could fund a woman’s training as a Barefoot Solar Engineer

By donating to Barefoot College, you help facilitate all of our unique, women-centred programs. Your donations create real change for real people in the poorest parts of the world.


98% (1)

When our Barefoot Solar Engineers install renewable energy, the use of fossil fuels in their villages decreases by a massive 98% giving them independence and reducing their carbon footprint.

98% (2)

Access to clean light means the children in villages experience a 31% increase in educational results while being able to read a staggering 40% more in the evenings.

98% (3)

All households in the communities that we work with are saving 27% of monthly household spending, giving them more money for health care, food, education, and other necessities.

We have trained over 3,500 Solar Mamas in 92 countries, bringing clean light to 1.1 million people.

We have educated more than 7,000 rural girls in India giving them the knowledge to contribute to the world we all want.

We are taking our programs even farther, working with new women in new countries every year. We can't do this without your donations.

Thank you!


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